Global Production(Yamamoto Dendrobiums)

Global Production

The system of the international production was established

The improved and innovated seedling are nurtured in Japan and then shipped out to Thailand for bioproduction. Next, they are sent to the Hawaii branch and to our representative in Holland, where they are then distributed to Mainland America, Europe, and numerous other locations in the world.

many excellent dendrobiums
After creating improved new variety by hybridization method in Japan, the very best seedlings with most excellent characteristics were selected out of more than 10,000.
laboratory in Japan
From these best selected, growth cells are take out and multiplied in liquid medium(PLB, protocom-like body).
Laboratory in Thailand
The PLB is shipped from Japan to our Biotech Laboratory in Thailand, where they are further multiplied.

The flask seedlings produced at the Thailand Branch nursery.
Flask plants of Dendrobium
A lot of orders is also possible.
Seedlings of Dendrobium
The seedling in front of shipment
many dendrobiums
The flask seedlings are sent back from Thailand to Hawaii and transplanted into plug trays for more growth.
many dendrobiums02
Our Hawaii Nursery can provide plants of every different size according to requests from our customers.
healthy seedlings
In Hawaii Nursery, as you see, healthy seedlings are further cultivated.
healthy seedlings02
From Hawaii we can export not only to US Mainland destinations, but also worldwide destinations.


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Orchid plants produced by YAMAMOTO DENDROBIUMS are sold and cultivated in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. The new cultivation techniques developed by YAMAMOTO DENDROBIUMS have been adopted with great success in many foreign countries.

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