Our Nursery

We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii .

We founded “Yamamoto Dendrobiums Hawaii” on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1974.
The seedlings of Dendrobiums are produced in the good environment here and are shipped to the United States and numerous other locations around the world.


Yamamoto Dendrobiums Hawaii
35 years have passed since we began the cultivation of Dendrobiums in Hawaii.

DendrobiumThe climate of Hawaii is suitable for Dendrobium cultivation.

Photographed is the Dendrobium, which epiphytes on a big tree.
All plants were our latest hybrids and clone plants. Produced newest varieties from Yamamoto Dendrobiums. All of our latest hybrids and clone plants.

The right photograph is the appearance of the Dendrobiums shipped while in bloom.

Dendrobiums shipped while in bloom.

seedlings of the Dendrobium While our Dendrobiums are physically compared lengthwise with other orchids, the numbers of accommodation per unit area is large and production costs, such as heating expenses, are small.

The left photograph shows the seedlings of the Dendrobium, which are fully grown and awaits shipment.
When the seedlings of the Dendrobium are fully grown, it is exported all over the world; including the United States.

The right photograph shows the Dendrobium being packed for shipment.
Dendrobium being packed for shipment

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Visiting The Nursery

Business Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:00 AM HST
Phone: 808.968.6955
Fax: 808.968.8028
E-mail: sales@yamamotodendrobiums.com

Directions from Hilo

From Hilo, take Highway 11 southbound to Volcano.
Continue driving on Highway 11 for approximately 25 minutes (~13 miles) to Mt. View.
Yamamoto Dendrobiums Hawaii is located on the left side of the highway, approximately 200 feet after the 13 mile marker.



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